Marta Skulimowska:

Marta started her career in the restaurant industry at the age of 14 and has been involved ever since. Her passion for the industry has only grown over the years. From busser, prep cook, hostess, server to management, she has been involved in all aspects of the business in western Canada and internationally ranging from concessions to fine dining and everything in between. She has had the opportunity to work in the financial industry for over 5 years while still holding a position in the food and beverage industry. Her financial background brings valuable assets to the table with a unique perspective. She knows that as a business owner there are many hats to wear and she believes building a successful restaurant is a delicate process that involves all those hats. “Customer service no doubt is at the top of the list and is a science, without customers there is no business, only a very expensive hobby.” She is passionate about providing support to the industry and is involved with the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce.



Nicole Huckabay:

Nicole has been involved in the restaurant industry since the age of 14. She started her career within the industry as a dishwasher holding many titles, which lead into management. She has a love for food service and understands how vital team work is to be a successful business. Her devotion to providing superior customer service has shown through her years of dedicated service.  Her passion to be involved within the industry is stronger than ever. She has a desire to teach the techniques and tools to assist businesses and individuals with their success. Her set of unique experiences range from concessions to fine dining throughout BC, Alberta, and England. She has managed restaurants, pubs, banquet facilities, and special event venues giving her the versatility to understand all aspects of the food and beverage industry including guest expectations. “Everything to do with food and beverage is a science, from cost controls to staff motivation.” Her passion for community is easily recognizable as she is involved with the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce.